Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Great House in My Country

My house in my country is perfect for me. There are two reason: It has a music room for me, and it is enough to live my family.

First, my house has a music room for me. My house has 3 rooms. One is my parents' room, and other one is my older sister's room, and the other is my music room. There are so many musical instruments in the music room, such as piano, electronic guitar, and bass guitar. I really love there, because I like a music, and I enjoy playing musical instruments when I have hard time. In the music room, I get a relax time and happiness. So It is perfect for me.

Second, my house is enough for my family to live in. My family has 4 people: parents, older sister, and me. We need to have just 3 rooms to live, and my house has 3 rooms. It is perfect! We never had felt uncomfortable to my house. It is so fit for us. So my house is perfect for me.

In conclusion, my house in my country is perfect for me and my family.

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